Time .. The ultimate photobomber

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Some say what you capture in a photograph is only light. The star, they say,  is always , light. The rest they say, are all supporting actors.

But I think light too is a supporting act and the main act is nothing but …time.

As I wrote that,  I can not help but notice the glaring irony of the post. The time gap between this post and the last one is wide. Too wide. But that is how time is sometimes. When time, like water,  does not flow, it becomes a calming lake.

Last few weeks it has been a study of time for me . Thinking , taking down notes and capturing some images . The exam question (or the research question)  I have been trying to answer is, what does time’s portrait look like ?
Time’s portrait is a story , always .  And longer you look , more details you notice . Time distorts reality. Your view of life in moments become invalid and a new , longer , unending reality presents it self . Then when one sits back and thinks things down (or vice versa) , one begin to realise time IS the main actor .

That is what Alexey Titarenko thinks in his own words and images  within the pages of his book ” The city is a novel ”  .  Personally Alexey has been major inspiration for me . I have mental notes and actual notes on places , shots and ideal light conditions for such shots around the city that I live in. I have tried a few shots, and taken notes down on what to do to it perfect them . But I must admit that  I have not had the time go out and shoot most of those ideas.

As I wrote THAT , I did hear the chuckle, time made, oh so quietly.


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